Secure Socialising

Using the latest technology to reduce crime, enhance customer experiences and improve business profitability

What is Secure Socialising?

Secure Socialising brings together the latest technology with security expertise to ensure customers can enjoy themselves in a stress-free environment.

Who are We?

Director Paula Bedborough has extensive experience in delivering innovative solutions to improve public safety in the night time economy, and leading change to improve customer experiences.

She was one of the first female door supervisors in the UK, and the first woman to set up a security company. During this time, she identified the need for the training of security operatives and led in the development of local, and then national, security licensing.

She has developed partnerships with local authorities, police forces, entertainment venues, and security companies across the UK, helping to implement public safety initiatives and has worked with thousands of people employed in the night time economy to ensure that people can have a great time, safely.


Safer Socialising

She says “My work in entertainment venues showed me what a problem theft from customers is, and how it can have serious implications on their personal safety or employment. Having your handbag stolen, or your laptop or phone, can be an expensive nightmare. We have been working hard to find a solution to this and we are excited at the prospect of using the latest technology to solve issues around personal safety and prevention of theft from customers using entertainment venues. Our soon to be launched products will enhance the safety and security of customers and reduce headaches for responsible businesses, whilst increasing profit.”

Are you a Part of the Night Time Economy?

If you run a responsible business or are involved in the safety of the public in the night time economy and want to know how you can be part of this personal security revolution, send us an email or register you interest on the form below. We would love to hear from you.

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