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Stylish, innovative and secure

Designed for you and your customers needs.

Our secure storage systems can be individually tailored to suit your business and look like works of art.

State of the art customer focused facilties

Customers are free to enjoy themselves

No more dancing round handbags or leaving them at the side of the dancefloor. Your customers can enjoy themselves and relax fully, knowing that their handbags and coats are secure. And they can easily access them at anytime.

You can also offer your customers a service where they can securely charge their phone, whilst spending time in your venue.

Secure phone charging facilities

We all need to charge our phones and sometimes they run out at the most inconvenient time. When you're on a night out being a great example.

You can offer your customers a service where they can securely charge their phone whilst enjoying time in your venue.

Attract custom and increase length of stay

Business benefits gained by providing our state of the art facilities to your customers include

Proactively demonstrating support for the licensing objectives

Enhancing customer experiences

Attracting new customers

Increasing dwell time

Installation, maintenance and support included in package

Potential profit sharing model availabel

What we want to achieve

Enhanced customer experiences

Encourage people to go out and stay out

Make the NTE safer than ever before

Reduced crime rates in pubs and bars

Increased dwell times for more sales

Improved night out facilities

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