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Introducing Sense Lockers™️ keyless, biometric secure storage

Store your belongings

Charge your phone

Relax and enjoy

Secure storage at the touch of a finger

With the world opening up again, the questions of what do you do with your laptop when you go out straight from work or  your handbag when you want to have a dance, arise once more.  Until now, all you could do would be to put your belongings under a table, leaving you open to becoming a victim of crime.

Here at Secure Socialising, we have been working with Sense Lockers to develop a solution so you can relax and enjoy getting out and about. 

Finger print

Introducing an innovation in customer security and service

Secure Socialising and Sense Lockers bring together the latest technology with night time economy security expertise, to ensure you can enjoy  a stress-free night out. 

Our biometric, keyless secure storage units give you  a place to securely store handbags, laptops, coats and flat shoes, and even charge your phone. 

We will be installing our unique units in venues around the UK soon. To find out where our units are located, get in touch

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